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Top Travel Tips - Be Flexible

Things can’t always be in our control so plan for delays. Patience is extremely important when travelling.

Top Travel Tips - Make a list

A few weeks before travelling make a list of items you would not want to forget. Give yourself peace of mind by ticking off that list of essential items!

Top Travel Tips - Learn Simple Phrases

A simple please and thank you in a local language goes a long way! Invest in a phrase book or an app and make the effort to learn a few basic phrases

Top Travel Tips - Always Purchase Travel Insurance

This is the most important… if you can’t afford travel insurance you can’t afford to travel  - it’s that simple.

Top Travel Tips - Take Copies of Paperwork

Pre-plan your outfits to avoid excess luggage charges and have the extra space to bring home those duty- frees!!!

Top Travel Tips - Pack a Sarong

A sarong doesn’t weigh anything and has a multiple of uses such as a towel, a bed sheet, a scarf etc...

Top Travel Tips - Know Your Accomodation

Do you need to take towels, hair dryers etc. Checking on these things prior to your holiday will save valuable baggage space in your case.

Top Travel Tips - Electronics

Charge all your electronics and pack all your portable devices for your flight bag with things to read, watch and play.

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Why Rome?

Riverside walks, museums galore and the history and architecture of the Eternal city, a visit to Rome is a must.  Visit the Colosseum, and the Spanish Steps, before getting that all important snap at the Trevi Fountain.  Enchanting on every street, and a Renaissance to match, this beautiful city offers up some wonderful memories waiting to be made.  Enjoy the numerous restaurants, delightful bars and those early evening strolls through the memorable city that is Rome.

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Why London?

Our capital is bursting at the seems, with a magnitude of offerings – from The London Eye, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, London Aquarium, London Zoo, Buckingham Palace to name just a few.  Try the Beefeater Gin Distillery and tour the barrel rooms and sample the various blends and vintages. If you find something that you’re particularly taken with, pick up a few bottles to share with friends at home.  The Hippodrome and Empire Casino offer a great nights out too.

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Why Paris?

Paris is recognised as both the city of romance and style. Gourmet restaurants, trendy bars with memorable atmospheres await you in this stunning city.  Try the latin quarter of the city for French bistro’s, the Champs-Élysées area is where the chic boutiques lay and the River Seine for romantic walks, market stalls and some beautifully set side streets. Places to see include;  The Eiffel tower in the Champ de Mars park, the Arc de Triomphe which was built in 1805 to celebrate Napoleons victory at Austerlitz, and a must visit is the Pompidou Centre.

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Why Budapest?

Budapest with 15 themed baths, arty pubs, the famous spa’s which offer up parties in the form of ‘sparties’.  Chain bridge, which connects east and west, Buda Castle to name a few.  For Canals lined with culture, Gothic buildings a-plenty, more museums than you’ll visit than anywhere else and some purely one off sights, then head over to Amsterdam.  For sunshine breaks, Malaga and Alicante offer shops, castles, and culture.  With daily flights departing up and down the country… get it booked! 

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